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Credit card
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Switch to Dual-Pricing and start saving immediately!

Compatible with most major credit card brands and POS terminals

ReverseFee is your full-service




We´re a leader in Cash Discounting credit card servicies with accounts throughout the United States

How Dual-Pricing works for your business?

Switching is quick and easy. With over 15 years experience, ReverseFee’s Payment Processing adheres to all regulations required to process your credit card volume using a fully compliant cash discounting program. It’s our passion to help your business lower or eliminate your fees while rewarding your customers who pay using cash.

All major Contactless Payment methods are ACCEPTED.

Benefits of using ReverseFee Payment Processing

Eliminate All Merchant Processing Fees

Merchants DO NOT Retain Any of the Fees. Only Fee Charged is the Annual PCI Compliance of $119.99

Point of Sale Systems Available

Compatible with a majority of POS system counter terminals. If needed, we can supply the latest & greatest equipment that come with a lifetime warranty (prices vary)

Easy Set-up

Upon completion of paperwork, Dual Pricing programs begin within 3-5 business days. Assistance with cancelling previous processor, if needed.

Compatible with Most Retail Businesses

Program Compatible with Brick & Mortar and Website Businesses. Gift Cards and EBT Available

No Contracts or Hidden Fees

Including No Early Termination Fees and No Set Up Fees

24 Hour Tech Support

We’re here to help. Merchants can view online statement logs and access dedicated tech support 24 Hours a day at no charge.

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Processing fees are a profit killer.


ReverseFee keeps it simple, there aren’t any fees… ever!

With our Dual Pricing program, you retain the full transaction amount on every sale. Zero % of card transaction amounts are witheld and at the end of the month, there are no fees on your statement.

You keep 100% of your profit! It’s that simple!

Let’s compare our fees to your current processor.

If you are still using traditional payment processing services, you are likely paying most (if not ALL) of the fees listed above.

Discover how Dual Pricing can work for your business

Set up your no obligation consultation & demo today!