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       Resolute Payments (Powered by Reverse My Fees LLC) is one of the fastest growing payment processors in the nation. Based out of Louisiana with additional support offices located in New York, Resolute Payments has nationwide representation with hundreds of independent sales offices across the United States. Resolute Payments is popular among retailers because of its easy setup.


Resolute Payments is dedicated to serving our customers

Our mission is to be trustworthy and ethical in all areas. Resolute Payments provides credit card processing for businesses of all sizes and believes that your business deserves to be successful. Outstanding customer service, the latest technology, and hands on service teams, both on the ground and 24 hour tech support, makes us the leading choice for your business. 

Our client’s monthly processing amounts range from five thousand dollars a month to over a million dollars a month. Whether large or small you will be treated with respect and your needs will be addressed with the same sense of urgency.

What makes us Super?


Resolute Payments is a industry leader in credit card processing for over a decade.  Since the launch of our company, hundreds of competitors have come and gone but Resolute Payments is not a publicly owned company so  Therefore are no outside investors to push us towards fast profit at the expense of our customers’ long-term success.


Our goal is to be the company that is contrary to the processing industry, by being honest, ethical and providing service that is no less than extraordinary.


Our professional staff are cross trained to provide the best and most expedite service possible eliminating downtime .


Due to our size, we can offer the best prices on equipment and service.  Here are some quick facts:

* We process Billions of dollars per year in sales

* We process millions of transactions per month.

* Thousands of pieces of hardware are ready to ship at any time.

Team Resolute Payments

Resolute Payments has proudly grown in size and scope. Our staff with over a hundred years of combined experience in the payment industry are here to serve your needs as a merchant or sales organization. As in anything, most companies will tout their programs, and yes we do have some good ones, but our largest asset is our team that operates as a family with you being our primary concern.

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