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Are you ready to eliminate
your credit card processing fees?

It’s what we do best! Let’s explore How it Works

wherever you do business

Process onsite, online or on-the-go with potentially zero credit card fees.

Resolute Payments is the most experienced provider of solutions to high credit card fees in the industry.

We are aware of all of the regulations and requirements necessary to process your credit card volume in a fully compliant way and will help your business lower or eliminate your fees and pass all of that right to your bottom line.

Contact one of our experienced representatives now to find out how we can help you.

With the cost of doing business ever increasing, merchants are constantly challenged to keep cost down for their loyal customers.

Dual Pricing has been a proven solution to help business owners offset the following cost of doing business:

Compare our fees to your current processor

With our Dual Pricing program, you retain the full transaction amount on every sale. Zero % of card transaction amounts are witheld and at the end of the month, there are no fees on your statement.

Resolute Payments keeps it simple.

You keep 100%
of your profit!

Stop losing hard earned profits to processing fees!

See how it works

in 3 easy steps

Our terminals automatically apply and display a discount* to all cash sales. *typically 4%

Our Dual Pricing program allows business owners to offer two different transaction amounts to customers paying with cash vs. paying by credit card. The two separate prices are clearly displayed on the terminal and PIN pad showing the customer the discount applied when paying with cash. If a customer pays with a card, the discount is not applied.

The way this works is that the customer pays a small service fee when using a card to purchase goods or services from your business. Resolute Payments Processing uses this small fee to cover all transaction and support costs. You will receive the full transaction amount for every sale, and at the end of the month, there are no fees on your statement.

Offers the following solutions:

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