Resolute Payments


Eliminate Credit Card Processing Fees

Seamlessly pass 100% of credit card fees to customers compliantly online or in-person. Pass on the fee for credit card transactions with Stax while also offering customers the ability to choose debit as a no-fee option. 

Seamless Surcharge Compliance

Feel confident with the industry-leading surcharge compliance technology that  meets state and federal surcharging requirements. 

Surcharge Made Simple. 0% Credit Card Processing. 100% Compliance

Compliant with all card brand rules

  • Must be registered with the card brands
  • Our team provides easy access to notify the card brands of your intention to Surcharge.
  • Must inform customers of the surcharge with appropriate signage
  • Our team provides guidance and access to necessary signage as applicable.
  • Amount of the surcharge must not exceed 3%, and merchant cannot profit from the fee
  • Our solution determines credit card fee that never surpasses 3%. You receive 100% of the sale—no more or less.
  • Surcharge amount and price of the product/service must be processed together
  • Our solution processes the credit card fee and the purchase amount as one transaction.
  • Receipt must show the amount of the surcharge as a separate line item
  • Our solution produces a receipt that itemizes the credit card fee.
  • Must not apply a surcharge to debit cards
  • Our solution automatically detects when a debit card is entered and applies no fee. 

Full-Stack Payment Solutions

Resolute Payments offers you fast, secure and reliable processing solutions for all business types. We provide simplified and affordable plans that fits your budget.

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